Consulting for film distribution, worldwide distribution, film exploitation, and licenses

Have you produced a film and now require legal advice in connection with its use? Would you like to grant a worldwide distributor, film distributor, or a TV company usage rights to your film? Have you become aware of unauthorized or non-contractual use of your film? Or are you a worldwide distributor, film distributor, or broadcaster and require legal expertise in connection with questions about acquiring the rights, exploitation or further licensing, distribution funding, or other questions such as working with authorities (e.g. regulatory authorities) and institutions domestically and abroad (e.g. FSK [German Voluntary Self-regulatory Association for the Film Industry], GEMA [German Society for Musical Performance and Mechanical Reproduction])? Are would you like to have support in connection with optimum use of the various digital business models?

What we offer

Film exploitation is a highly complex and very diverse business. Also essential but simultaneously difficult in every respect is the optimum design and coordination of the various exploitation options and the various contractual agreements with respect to one another. This not only requires good knowledge of the industry and secure handling of the legal standards and practices (national and international), but also extensive negotiation skills.

We will be at your disposal with legal and strategic advice, we will support you in the negotiations, and we will create legally secure licensing and other exploitation agreements for you. We can also advise you within the scope of dealings with the authorities and institutions or represent you in this.

If your film becomes protected in an unauthorized manner or the licensee exceeds his/her legally licensed authority, we can handle the tracking of contract violations, copyright violations, or other rights to intellectual property by means of an official warning, in proceedings for a temporary injunction, or complaint proceedings, which are part of the special strength of our law practice due to the many years of practical experience and the technical expertise of the attorneys and specialized lawyers.

Scope of service (etc.)

  • Consulting with respect to the legal options and the strategic procedure with the distribution of films
  • Creating, designing, and negotiating legally secure licensing agreements
  • Consulting regarding exploitation revenues and distribution of revenues
  • Consulting regarding working with authorities and institutions
  • Examination and assessment of the technical and legal situation
  • Out-of-court representation in warning notice proceedings
  • Representation before all district and regional courts in Germany by means of temporary injunction proceedings and in complaint proceedings


We normally offer these services to you calculated according to the time spent at a suitable hourly rate. We believe that cost transparency and cost reliability obviously form the basis of successful cooperation. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the expected costs and the cost risk before taking the job.

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