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WTR 1000: Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner and Clemens Pfitzer recommended

Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner is amongst the leading international trademark law firms and Clemens Pfitzer among the leading trademark practitioners in the 2019 edition of the WTR 1000 published by the magazine World Trademark...

Clemens Pfitzer recommended as trademark expert in WTR 1000

The leading national and international trademark practitioners from around the globe have once again been exclusively revealed by the magazine World Trademark Review with the publication of the 2018 edition of the WTR 1000....

Game Over for soy milk, vegan cheese and tofu butter

Is it allowed to label purely plant-based products with designiations such as milk, cheese, butter, cream or yoghurt? Are terms like soy milk, plant cheese or tofu butter inadmissible? The European Court of Justice gave an...

With the best wishes!

Our partner Hanns-Martin Kurz leaves Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner with effect from 31.10.2016 at his own request for health reasons. Hanns-Martin Kurz is not only a brilliant attorney, but was also one of the founding...

Let’s make your trademark great (again)

We at Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner make an effort to make your trademark great (again). We want to determine the future of your trademark for years to come. We will face challenges. We will confront hardships. But we will get...

German law in IP

Intellectual Property is a quite international field of law. Usually IP rights owners have IP rights in several nations or territories. With a series of articles, we want to give insights on the German law for IP owners and...