Consulting for film worker contracts

Are you a film producer and require support in creating legally secure contracts with the people participating in the film production? Are you an actor, director, director's assistant, camera operator, film editor, or other film worker participating in the production of a film and have a need for legal advice in negotiating and designing your contracts?

What we offer

The participation of various parties within the scope of film production makes it necessary to stipulate the rights and obligations of the parties in detail. A contractual regulation can establish the framework for this. This includes, among other things, regulation of the type of activity, the work hours, compensation, confidentiality with respect to third parties, and if necessary the exclusivity of the working relationship during the timeframe of the film shooting. Furthermore, a film worker may acquire a copyright or other protected right within the scope of his/her activity that may make a contractual granting of certain usage, editing, or exploitation rights necessary.

In this context, we can handle the design and negotiation of corresponding contracts for producers and for film workers or crew members, consulting in connection with questions of classification regarding who is a freelancer or an employee, consulting regarding labor and social insurance law, and regarding compensation questions, particularly in connection with collective wage agreements, statutory compensation regulations, or the statutory minimum wage.

Our activities also include the enforcement of contract violations, the tracking of copyright violations or other rights to intellectual property by means of an official warning, in proceedings for a temporary injunction, or complaint proceedings, which are part of the special strength of our law practice due to the many years of practical experience and the technical expertise of the attorneys and specialized lawyers.

Scope of service

  • Creation and reviewing of film worker or crew contracts
  • Creating, designing, and negotiating legally secure licensing agreements
  • Consulting with respect to the legal options and the strategic procedure
  • Consulting in labor and social insurance law
  • Examination and assessment of the technical and legal situation
  • Representation before all relevant courts in Germany by means of temporary injunction proceedings and in complaint proceedings


We normally offer these services to you calculated according to the time spent at a suitable hourly rate. We believe that cost transparency and cost reliability obviously form the basis of successful cooperation. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the expected costs and the cost risk before taking the job.

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