Consulting for foodstuffs law

Date you distribute food or food supplements and do you require advice regarding the qualification of your goods as foodstuffs, cosmetics, additional products, or pharmaceuticals? Do you need legal advice regarding the labeling requirements of your foodstuffs? Do you have questions regarding the implementation of the Health Claims Directive and the associated obligations regarding nutritional and health claims information? Do you sell foodstuffs on the Internet via an online store? Do you want to advertise your foodstuffs as having special properties and/or effects? Do you have your foodstuffs produced using contract manufacturing or do you acquire raw materials from third parties to produce your foodstuffs?

The production and distribution of foodstuffs is very complex and requires specialized legal advice from both a contractual and a regulatory perspective. As with all topics in the area of life sciences, the area of foodstuffs law has become harmonized in recent times, which means that the same legal regulations apply throughout Europe. The existing laws and directives control the approved ingredients, the necessary labeling of the products, as well as the distribution and advertising thereof.

What we offer

We can handle the qualification of your products in differentiating among foodstuffs, feedstuffs, cosmetics, medicinal products, and pharmaceuticals for you and can advise you regarding the respective labeling requirements of your products. In addition, we will advise and represent you in all questions of competition law regarding the distribution and advertising of your foodstuffs and food supplements.

We will furthermore accompany you through the entire contractual process in the area of (contract) manufacturing if you, as a manufacturer of foodstuffs, wish to have at least part of the ingredients purchased from third parties and/or wish to have products produced within the scope of contract manufacturing and therefore require clarification of responsibilities and questions of liability, particularly with respect to the traceability of raw materials.

Scope of service

  • Reviewing and assessing the requirements of importing novel foods into the EU
  • Consulting with respect to the legal options and the strategic procedure regarding the qualification of your products
  • Consulting regarding the labeling requirements for your products while considering the Health Claims Directive
  • Consulting in all competition law questions regarding the distribution and advertising of cosmetics
  • Creating and designing contract manufacturing agreements in German and in English


We normally offer our consulting services to you calculated according to the time spent at a suitable hourly rate. We believe that cost transparency and cost reliability form the basis of successful cooperation. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the expected costs before taking the job.

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