Consulting for software creation

Are you a software company and involved with the programming of customized software or producing standard software according to customers' wishes? Are you planning to purchase software that is customized to your expectations and requirements or are you having legal difficulties in implementing your customized software project? Do you require support in the legally reliable creation of software creation contracts and project-based documents such as requirements specifications and performance specifications?

What we offer

We can advise you in all questions regarding the creation and ordering of software; in particular, we design and review software creation contracts and the corresponding documents such as requirements specifications and performance specifications. Furthermore, we can support software projects from the beginning to the successful completion and take care of all of your project-related legal concerns during this timeframe. As soon as the continuation of a project is in jeopardy because there are differences with a contracting partner or disagreements regarding the content of the contract, we will support you with advice and assistance at your disposal in order to still bring the project to a successful conclusion. If necessary, we can represent you as well in disputes associated with software projects, particularly disputes regarding the agreed-upon scope of service, existing usage rights, compensation, or any software deficiencies.

Scope of service

  • Legal support for software projects (software creation)
  • Reviewing and designing software creation contracts
  • Consulting during the creation of performance specifications
  • Advice regarding licensing questions and software distribution
  • Reviewing warranty claims
  • Representation in court and out-of-court during disputes


We normally offer our consulting services to you calculated according to the time spent at a suitable hourly rate. We believe that cost transparency and cost reliability form the basis of successful cooperation. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the expected costs before taking the job.

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