Consulting regarding story rights

Are you a film producer and are planning a screen adaptation, a biopic, remake, prequel, or sequel? Are you a publisher or author of a novel or theatrical piece and are you being approached by a director or producer because of the film rights? Are you a public persona or their heir and have learned from a film production that you or the testator are intended to be the subject of a new film?

What we offer

The question regarding what rights are necessary for filming a certain story and who holds these rights often cannot be answered at first glance. Particularly for biographical stories, there are often numerous sources to consider, all of whom may assert their own rights at some point. This also includes, for example, people whose life story is the subject of a planned project, either in its entirety or in part. With known works of literature, a series of licenses can be granted for the planned project in advance, which raises the question as to who the correct contact is.

Scope of service

Review of the treatment or the script/screenplay and/or planned project and identification of the legal risks

Analysis of the existing legal situation regarding the copyrights and affected aspects of the general personality law in the story

Research to determine any necessary contacts

Design, review, and negotiation of agreements such as confidentiality agreements, option agreements, and licensing agreements for film rights as well as agreements regarding the consent to film and interpretation

Advice regarding any funding opportunities and financing of acquiring the story right


We normally offer these services to you calculated according to the time spent at a suitable hourly rate. We believe that cost transparency and cost reliability obviously form the basis of successful cooperation. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the expected costs and the cost risk before taking the job.

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