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You are active in design and want to protect a 2- or 3-dimensional design, e.g. a graphic or a product? Your manufacturing company is also creative at the same time and regularly develops new product designs? A design is of high economic importance for the value of many products and distinguishes your products from those of competitors. It is therefore all the more important to protect the design from imitators and counterfeiters.

Design application offer

The registration of designs (formerly and in some jurisdictions further referred to as design patents) is a fast, effective and comparatively inexpensive way to monopolize your two- or three-dimensional designs, e.g. for furniture, clothing, wallpaper, accessories, jewelry, watches, fabric samples, or the graphic design of a company logo for up to 25 years and thus exclude third parties from using your designs.

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In addition to trademarks, registered designs are often a useful supplement or alternative when applying for technical property rights such as patents and utility models.

The registration of a design initially only has a declaratory effect, since the respective office does not examine the requirements for protection such as novelty and individual character when registering the design. This has the advantage that registered designs can be applied for very quickly and comparatively inexpensively.

We advise you in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of registering designs. Since registered designs are unexamined property rights, where the existence of a design only becomes apparent in the event of a dispute, it is particularly important to clarify the requirements for protection.

Scope of services for a design appplication

  • Advice on the possibilities of design protection
  • Advice on the requirements for protection of a design
  • Advice on the formal application procedure and requirements at the respective patent and trademark office
  • Compilation of the application documents and (electronic) filing of the application documents at the respective patent and trademark office
  • Handling of the fee payment with the respective trademark office
  • Handling of correspondence and communication with the patent and trademark office and, if applicable, with foreign correspondence attorneys
  • Monitoring of deadlines and reminders before the expiry of the term of protectionBeratung hinsichtlich der

Costs of a design application

We offer design applications at attractive all-inclusive prices. We will be happy to submit an offer to you.

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