Let’s make your trademark great (again)

We at Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner make an effort to make your trademark great (again). We want to determine the future of your trademark for years to come. We will face challenges. We will confront hardships. But we will get the job done.

Many companies or startups don’t think about trademarks or intellectual property. Or they don’t take good care of them. Trademarks are lots of times not well managed or taken care of. Sometimes they are forgotten and not renewed. Also many are infringed and counterfeited badly. Sad!

That all changes – starting right here, and right now, because this is your chance to do what’s right. You came to our website like millions of others to find what matters. An experienced trademark lawyer to serve his clients.

Clients want great advice for their legal issues, safety for their intellectual property and reasonable fees for excellent work. But for many trademark owners or companies who still seek to protect a trademark, a different reality exists. Many trademarks are taken, the trademark office complains about their trademark, trademarks are badly managed, competitors ignore intellectual property rights and counterfeiters bigly make money of your intellectual property.

This trademark carnage has to stop right now.

Let’s make your trademark great (again)

Let’s make your trademark great (again) We are an experienced team of lawyers. We have the best people with the best brains, trust me. Your legal problem is our problem. Your success will be our success. Together we will have tremendous success.

From this day forward a new vision will enter your mind.

From this moment on, it’s going to be: Trademark first (or maybe designs or patents or other IP rights). You will focus on trademark and intellectual property rights, right from the beginning of every business decision you make.

Every decision made on your intellectual property rights will be made to benefit you and your trademark. We must protect your intellectual property. We will register it, manage it and defend it against infringers, copycats and counterfeiters.

We will fight for you in court. In Germany we have the best courts, trust me. Great judges. Very fast. Very cheap. We will use customs to stop imports of counterfeits and bring down counterfeiters and trademark infringers wherever they are. And the best part is, under German law we make them pay for it.

We will fight for you with every breath of our bodies and we will never let you down (unless you don’t pay us).

You will start winning bigly, winning like never before.

We will register new trademarks wherever you need them. All across our wonderful planet. We will bring you a trademark strategy and present you all the legal options you have. We will bring back justice. We will get your trademark to work for you.

We will follow two simple rules: Protect your trademark and defend your trademark.

We will deal with your business partners on IP matters, to get you the best license deals. We will hereby always put your interest first.

With our global network of experienced trademark lawyers, the best network with the best brains, we will stop infringement and counterfeiting of your trademark.

Our fees are fair and reasonable, everybody says so.

Together we will make your trademark strong (again).

We will make your trademark safe (again).

And yes, together, we will make your trademark great (again).


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