Trademark application

Do you have a name, logo or other identification for the goods and services you offer? If so, you may want to protect it from imitators and copycats and make sure that only you are entitled to use this mark or have it used for your goods and services in the countries and markets relevant to you. 

You can achieve this with a trademark application, because a trademark grants its owner an exclusive right to use it in the respective country. We will be happy to advise and assist you with the application and registration of your trademarks.

Trade mark application offer

We advise you on the costs, opportunities and risks of a trademark application, what to consider in the context of an application, how and where your trademark should best be applied for and carry out a professional trademark application for you. We register trademarks in Germany, Switzerland, EU and other countries of the world for you. You can rely on our many years of experience and our good international network to provide you with the best possible support for your trademark application. It does not matter whether you want to protect a word mark, figurative mark, word/figurative mark, color mark, warranty mark, collective mark or any other form of trademark.

Scope of services for trademark application

  • trademark application registration EU Germany Switzerland international worldwide
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    Advice on the method of filing a trademark application

  • Advice on the application procedure at the respective trademark office
  • Examination and assessment of the protectability of the desired trademark¹
  • Identity search (word elements only) in the relevant registers²
  • Preparation of a list of goods and services
  • Compilation of the application documents and electronic filing of the application documents with the respective trademark office
  • Handling of fee payment with the respective trademark office
  • Handling of correspondence and communication with the Trademark Office and, if applicable, with foreign correspondence attorneys
  • Monitoring of time limits (e.g. end of protection, grace period and proof of use periods) and reminders before expiry of the protection period

Costs of a trademark application

We offer trademark applications at attractive all-inclusive prices.

Here you will find our schedule of fees in trademark matters.

¹ If a trademark is not protectable in our opinion and the trademark is therefore not applied for, we will charge you only 50% of the respective flat fee.

² Applies only to marks consisting of Latin letters

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