WTR 1000: Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner and Clemens Pfitzer recommended

Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner is amongst the leading international trademark law firms and Clemens Pfitzer among the leading trademark practitioners in the 2019 edition of the WTR 1000 published by the magazine World Trademark Review.

WTR 1000 2019Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner crashes into the WTR 1000 on a wave of positive feedback. “The team does excellent work, helping clients secure trademark registrations across Europe and providing great insight on enforcement matters. Its work is thorough and accurate, and the invoices always match estimates.”

WTR 1000 praises Clemens Pfitzer as an “absolute star, who combines a very pleasant demeanor with fast, strategic thinking – the ideal sparring partner for discussions about international trademark issues. He has in-depth knowledge and knows how to explain even very complicated issues in a way that people without a legal background can easily understand. Due to his time in the United States, he also has native speaker-level English, which is a huge asset for foreign clients.”

“We are honored and proud to be recognized by WTR 1000“, says Clemens Pfitzer. “We thank our clients and colleagues around the globe of whom we received such a wave of positive feedback.”

About WTR 1000

Now in its ninth year, the WTR 1000 shines a spotlight on the firms and individuals that are deemed outstanding in this critical area of practice. The WTR 1000 remains the only standalone publication to recommend individual practitioners and their firms exclusively in the trademark field, and identifies the leading players in more than 80 countries and US-specific chapters analyizing local trademark legal services markets and profiling the firms and individuals singled out as leaders in their respective fields.

Individual practitioners, law firms and trademark attorney practices qualify for inclusion in the WTR 1000 solely on receiving sufficient positive feedback from market sources. The extensive research process was conducted over a four-month period by a team of full-time analysts and involved over 1,500 face-to-face and telephone interviews with trademark specialists across the globe. The publication therefore serves as a one-stop source of reference for anyone seeking trademark legal services.

Nicholas Richardson, research editor for the WTR 1000, explains: “A strong brand is vital to success in today’s intensely competitive and increasingly globalized market. Trademarks are key tools through which businesses can protect the goodwill and reputation inherent in their brands, and build and maintain demand for their products and services. As a result, external advisers play a crucial role in developing and implementing brand strategies for both local and international markets and in protecting these vital assets in the face of infringement. It is thus imperative to choose the best legal counsel and the WTR 1000 serves as an essential guide in today’s brand-focused economy – as well as highlighting the health of the trademark marketplace.”


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