Recommended again by WTR 1000 in 2020

In the 2020 edition of the WTR 1000 of the Wolrd Trademark Review, Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner is again recommended as one of the leading trademark law firms in Germany. Clemens Pfitzer is also personally recommended as one of the leading trademark law experts for the third time in a row.

Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner is again named as one of the leading German trademark law firms in the current WTR 1000 ranking for 2020.

WTR 1000 2020“Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner first opened its doors in 2010 and has since gained the unshakeable trust of multinationals as well as small enterprises. Having built up a sterling reputation in litigation proceedings, it also has a strong non-contentious offering, managing trademarks in more than 100 countries.”

WTR 1000 also honours Clemens Pfitzer for the third time in a row as a leading trademark attorney.

“Clemens Pfitzer sits at the heart of the practice. “One of the top attorneys in the field, Clemens is widely regarded as an excellent and strong litigator with a fantastic track record. He proves time and time again to be an excellent strategic thinker and partner with an extensive cross-border understanding of trademark law. Clemens also brings a good-humoured nature to the table, as well as a well-established network of local counsel that he can rely on to ensure marks are safeguarded worldwide”.”

About WTR 1000

The WTR 1000 is a guide exclusively dedicated to identifying the world’s leading trademark legal services providers. Through an extensive research process conducted by a team of highly qualified, full-time analysts, the publication identifies the leading trademark law firms and individuals in over 80 global jurisdictions and US states.

Nicholas Richardson, research editor for the WTR 1000, explains:
“A strong brand is vital to success in today’s intensely competitive and increasingly globalised market. Trademarks are key tools through which businesses can protect the goodwill and reputation inherent in their brands, and build and maintain demand for their products and services. As a result, external advisers play a crucial role in developing and implementing brand strategies for both local and international markets and in protecting these vital assets in the face of infringement. It is thus imperative to choose the best legal counsel and the WTR 1000 serves as an essential guide in today’s brand-focused economy – as well as highlighting the health of the trademark marketplace.”

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